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Welcome to the Smoky Mountain Shootist Society, Inc.!

The Smoky Mountain Shootist Society, Inc. is a Cowboy Action Shooting®club based in Knoxville, TN. If you would like to learn a little more about SASS® just click here. If you would like to learn more about the Smoky Mountain Shootist Society, Inc. then sit back, make yourself at home...and mosey around our range. You'll find scores from past shoots, The Gazette, our official club newsletter, links to other cowboy related sites and lots more. There will always be something new every month, so be sure to stop back by every now and then.

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We shoot the 2nd Saturday of each month

9am Eastern Time

- Match starts immediately following the safety meeting.
- All SASS® rules apply.

Our match usually consists of 5 stages. Targets are steel falling plates, pepper poppers and reactive targets placed from 10-50 yards.

Bring approximately 50 rounds of pistol ammunition, 50 rounds of rifle (pistol caliber) ammunition, and 25 shotgun shells (lead #7 maximum size). Always bring a little extra ammo, just in case.

The guns needed are 2 pistols (single action), 1 rifle (pistol caliber, pump, or lever action), and 1 shotgun (20,16, or 12 gauge; pump, double or lever action). If you don't have all the gear, don't worry we usually have shooters happy to loan them.

Remember that eye and ear protection is bring your ear plugs and safety glasses.

New shooters and visitors are always welcome.